Former clients have given the following testimonials without remunerations or payment of any kind.

I had been fighting my immigration case since 1989! Last year (2005) the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals granted my petition for review and remanded my case back to the immigration court. This was an extremely complex case involving many years, many issues and many hearings, motions and appeals. The bottom line is that I never gave up and ALIF was always right there supporting me. Most important however, is that despite the many battles lost, we won the war! Now I am a lawful permanent resident and I am happy to have found you! My family and I will be eternally grateful for your exceptional ability to decipher the complex immigration laws and focus in the point that broke the deal in my favor. Thank you ALIF, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I would always recommend your office without any hesitation. God bless you!

N. Avila
Woodland Hills, CA

Outstanding! What ALIF did for me many lawyers could not do in years! I applied for Special Agricultural Workers (SAW) program during the 1986 Amnesty program. The INS denied my case and also my appeal. Your dedication and resolve to fight for my case was the key to win on my appeal before the Ninth Circuit Court on the SAW application. Seventeen (17) years later, I was lucky to visit your office and learned that I could still fight my Amnesty case all over again, but this time to win! You managed to zoom directly in to the issues and find a solution to my immigration status. I am grateful to have found you. I would recommend you without any hesitation. I don’t believe there is another office like yours with the creativity and ability to resolve complex immigration issues. I am finally a permanent resident! Thank you so very much for your help.


H. Chaman
Los Angeles, CA

I learned that immigration cases that are wrongly handled can become extremely complicated and difficult and this was my experience. I would have been in Peru a long time ago rather than being a lawful permanent resident as I am now had it not been for ALIF. ICE detained me three times ready for deportation and on each of those occasions ALIF stopped my deportation and I received this past May 2011 my “green card.” I was granted in 1996 voluntary departure by an immigration judge. He knew I was applying for Labor Certification so the judge gave me eight months to voluntarily depart. Fifteen days before the departure date I filed an application for an extension of time to depart with the District Director’s office of the former INS. The Director never responded to me as required by the regulations. Decisions made on my motions to reopen my case an apply through my subsequently approved labor certification applications were denied by a judge who sent his decision to an old address of mine so I was not aware of his decision to timely file and appeal. From there onwards including submitting join motions to reopen my case in 1999, and then again in 2001, was an uphill battle. Today’s immigration law is like walking through a mined field. If you don’t know what you are doing the entire case gets blown out and you get deported. I am happy that my nightmare ended thanks to ALIF. If any one reading this has a new or very old immigration problem, I recommend that you make an appointment and explain your case. You will be happy you did!

D. Fernandez
Los Angeles, CA

In 1994 I submitted an asylum application that was subsequently transferred to the immigration court but I never received notice of the fact that the former INS had placed me in deportation proceedings. So, unbeknown to me I end up with an in-absentia deportation order that an immigration judge entered in 1996 because I failed to appear. Years went by until 2008 when I was detained by ICE and ready for deportation. It was devastating to me because after twelve years I got married and have children born in this United States. I had a lot to loose! However, I was lucky enough to know of ALIF. My deportation was stopped. I was released from detention and my case reopened with the immigration court. The issue had to do with service of the Order to Show Cause (OSC), notices of hearings and signed return receipts notifications by the U.S. Postal Service. It definitely was a very complex issue. If you have a complicated case I suggest you call and make an appointment. ALIF will help you.

O. Ubillums
El Monte, CA