The fees charged by our organization vary in accordance with the nature of the services provided. Before a client is responsible to pay legal fees, the lawyer and client discuss the fee to be charged and the manner of payment expected. We provide every client with a written contract that sets forth the services to be provided and the exact fee required. We offer a variety of payment plans and accept most major credit cards.

ALIF has always provided initial consultations at a moderate fee of $75.00 for a thirty minute interview as part of our commitment to serve immigrant rights even if we are not subsequently retained. During the initial consultation we will discuss with our prospective clients the substance of their legal rights, the nature of the legal services to be provided and the basis for the legal fees and costs which may be involved.

Our Commitment:

Our practice has been dedicated entirely to Immigration and Naturalization law because we believe that this is the only way to provide the highest standard of legal service in this area of law. Our lawyers and staff members are committed to providing the best legal services possible. We have continuously served the local and international community and look forward to providing professional legal services to you.